Your London Location Manager

“Your London Location Manager”

For years the team have been tasked to scout for and manage location shoots up and down Great Britain however some of the trickiest briefs have been those undertaken within the M25. If you are filming on Location in London you need a Location Manager. London is separated into boroughs. Each of London’s Boroughs comes with its own individual filming restrictions, operationing procedures, fee structures and personalities. We work hard to maintain our solid and professional relationships with each of these boroughs. London is also divided up by large private land owners such as Royal Parks, Historic London, British Land, Land Securities, and The Ministry of Defence. Most if not all major land owners within London have a team geared up for managing filming enquires or they have brought on a third part, a Location Agency, to manage enquires on their behalf.

While all these organisations have different remits and objectives there are a couple of requirements they all stipulate productions have. You must be insured. A good standard of insurance for a Location Shoot is 10 million pounds. This level of insurance costs productions a tiny fraction of the cover but it is essential. Another requirements is Location specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements or RAMS. If you’re unsure how to produce RAMS there are countless companies such as 1st Option who will attend Recce’s and draw up RAMS on your behalf.

London’s roads are not always council owned either. We work with Council Highways Depts as well at TFL Red Routes and Canary Wharf and the owners of London’s tunnels such as The Lime House Link which is privately owned. Permissions should always be seeked from the owning parties. We don’t sign up to the mantra that it’s easier to apologies than ask for permission. That is not the key to longevity in the industry.

Ownership and management is not restricted to land. In London the River Thames is managed by The Port of London Authority. Our canals and river ways and bank are also managed so if you want to film on them we need to keep these folk in the loop. They’re pro filming so don’t be put off thinking their default response will be no. We all understand the benefits that the filming and stills industry brings to The Capital.

We also work closely with the very forward thinking MET Police Film Office who over the years and with the help of the Film Industry, have produced sensible filming guild lines.

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