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Ben Carter Location Manager

"Ben gives good locations!"

Alan Friel | Commercials Director

"Ben and I have worked together on a number of TV commercials, each one throwing up its own logistical challenges. Some of the location briefs have looked almost impossible on paper but Ben always delivers, he can look at a brief in both a logistical and creative way giving him the ability to manage everyones expectations which results in everyone being on side. His calmness has always impressed me, you never see him flap or wavier, he remains cool headed and rational at all times. Ben is someone I have great belief and faith in, these are the ingredients of a great business relationship, one which I hope to have with Ben throughout my career. ."

Lucy Banks | Production Manager

"Ben is an utter delight to work with. Charming, calm and efficient, he integrates completely into a production and becomes one of the team. Tight deadlines, small budgets, disappearing big tops - he takes them all in his stride as he delivers exactly what you ask for, when you ask for it. And all delivered with a smile and a manner guaranteed to win over even the hardest-hearted location owner. ."

Michael Towne | Producer BBC

"Ben and I have worked together for almost a decade on a huge range of projects - from high end short films, through terrestrial TV series to international corporate work in the US and Europe.
His unique talent is an ability to combine a tirelessly creative mind with his canny business acumen. As a location manager, his ability to manage the expectations of the production, the ambitions of the director and the demands of the location owner, mean that he is invaluable through the entire process from planning, through to prep and the shoot.
In the ten years we have worked together, he has never failed to get me the location I crave, at a price the producer can afford whilst, importantly for me, he shows a respect and courtesy to all those involved in the film making process. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Jon Sen | Drama Dir.

I am a senior producer within ITV Creative.
I have worked on and off with Ben Carter for the past 4 years. I was first recommended to work with Ben by a colleague of mine in 2007. We worked on a shoot for the launch of 'Secret Diaries of a Call Girl', after the initial meeting with myself and the director Ben presented us with a dozen or so great locations, the shoot went very smooth without any hitches. Ben works with a very professional team around him who work over and beyond there call of duty on the shoot day.
Since then I have worked constantly with Ben on all my location shoots with an array of directors whom have all got on very well with him and been more than happy with the location he has sourced. Ben is the number one choice of Location manager within our department with a team of 5 producers and 12 directors.
On a personal note I have worked with many location managers over the 12 years I've worked within the industry and have never worked with someone so professional, hard working and who will problem solve any issue that was to arise. Ben is very laid back and calm in which can be a very stressful environment at times.

Jill Findlay | Senior Producer | ITV Creative

I first worked with Ben in 2009, where he sourced a range of fantastic locations from an incredibly tricky and specific brief. Due to this positive experience I have since worked with him several times on a range of different projects and he never fails to deliver the goods. Ben works tirelessly with charm, good humour and professionalism. He will always go the extra mile to find you what you want. He has become my 'go to guy' for locations.

Will Sinclair | Drama Director



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